About Us

Mr. Can Cleaning Inc.

We are a New York based fast-growing Trash Bin Cleaning company serving the Rockland County and Its environs.

Storing trash bins close to your home or in a garage is sometimes necessary. Clean cans will prevent "Germs, Bacteria, Rodents and Dangerous Viruses" from entering your home. Our top-notch trash bin cleaning is here to Sanitize and Deodorize your trash bins in a quick manner, removing all odors and waste,  keeping your trash bins clean and free of pests. Our automated cleaning technique removes mildew, germs, bacteria, food, mold, and other dirt from your trash bins.

Filthy Garbage cans are breeding ground
Cleaning garbage Cans are a very hard task and you shouldn't do it yourself.

Mr. Can will save you from the hassle of burdening your weekend with this nasty cleaning task. We will come right to your curbside with our modern cleaning equipment to clean your bins and leave your driveway clean. We operate with the philosophy of providing the best low-cost, quality trash bin cleaning service to all our customers. As our company is growing, we are working towards making it the best trash bin cleaning company within the region.

Mr. Can Cleaning Inc. is proud about our service being Eco-Friendly.

Eco-Friendly service

The employees of Mr. Can Cleaning are just like everyone else but set aside their individuality and come together at work to become a team – A group of people always looking forward to work together and to achieve greater success through passionate dedication to provide the best services available in the trash bin cleaning market, while building long lasting and rewarding relationships with their clients daily. 

Cleaning filthy outdoor trash cans is literally what we do all day, and we do it well.

We Are New York's #1 Trash Bin Cleaning Service