Residential Trash Can Cleaning

An Environment-Friendly Solution to Clean, Sanitize, Deodorize, and Maintain Your Trash Cans!

Why Should I Clean My Garbage Cans?

Filthy trash cans are breeding ground for Germs and Bacteria. Also, there is no disputing that no one likes to go near a filthy trash can, especially during the hot summer months.

Why Can't I Clean It Myself?

Manual cleaning your bins takes hours and makes a huge mess. Just using a hose and broom to clean your trash cans is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria and diseases that breed in your cans.

Why Can't I Use Bleach and Chemicals?

Using a lot of harsh chemicals are a risk to your families health and allows harmful water to stay on your driveway or flow straight into storm drains, contaminating all bodies of water that it enters.

Stop Burdening Yourself Cleaning Those Filthy Garbage Cans!
How It Works

We Clean and Sanitize

We utilize a custom designed state-of-the-art truck, pressure washing the cans with 190° hot water at 360° angle, eliminating  99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria.

We Deodorize With Fresh Scent

After the cans are cleaned and sanitized, we deodorize and disinfect, leaving your cans smelling fresh, clean and spotless. Your cans will look almost as good as new!

All of This and We're Eco-Friendly

We use Eco-friendly products only. All the harmful water is self-contained and goes right back into our truck where it gets disposed away from your home.

If you are experiencing an error watching this video, Click here!

If you are experiencing an error watching this video, Click here!

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