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It's Spring. Smell The Tulips. (Not The Garbage.)

It's everybody's favorite season, with lovely scents to match. Until the stench of old garbage roasting in the trashcan intrudes. Don't let that happen. Mr. Can will get that can fresh and clean while you relax and inhale the pleasant side of spring scents.

Besides of the fact that filthy garbage cans are breeding ground for Germs, Bacteria and Viruses, that attract all kinds of Insects and Rodents.

Questions: How do I clean those filthy, dirty trash bins (garbage cans)?

Answer: You don't need to, you can call Mr. Can, and they will clean those dirty garbage cans for you.

Cleaning filthy garbage cans is literaly what we do all day, and we do it well.

We service most of Rockland County, New York!

Call: (845) 666-4146

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